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New to residence

All students should apply to residence at the same time of applying to UNB Saint John.  If you are a new student wanting to live in residence, you'll need to fill out the New Student Residence Application Form. When the application form is received by Residence Admissions, you will receive notification via e-mail regarding the next steps you must take.  With the residence application form, you will be able to pick the residence you want to live in, choose your meal plan choice, decide whether or not you wish to live on a quiet floor and fill out a residence profile which allows us to pair you with the best roommate possible. Of course, if you have someone in mind, you can put them down on the form! Just make sure they do the same!

Once it is confirmed that you have been accepted to UNB Saint John, and have received communication from Residence Admissions that there is a room available, you will then be required to send a $500 residence deposit to secure that room. The deposit is required before a room can be assigned. Note: The deposit is non-refundable.

Returning to residence

Mid semester during the Winter Term, current residence students will be able to reapply to return to residence for the following academic year. You will have to apply on-line via the Returning Student Application FormRemember, in order to secure your position in Residence next year, you will have to pay the $500 residence deposit by the end of April. You may do this by coming to the Residence Admissions Office. You will also be able to pick the room you will want to live in and your roommate. Do you have a medical condition that requires you to live in one of our mobility suites or non carpeted rooms? If so, please state on the application. You will have to bring appropriate documentation from your Physician or other Health Care provider. However, not all special room requests can be met due to limited supply-it is on a priority basis.

Arriving early

If you need to return to residence early, you must contact the Residence Life Coordinator ( for approval. If granted (you will be notified via email), you will have to fill out and hand in or fax (506-648-5762) to the Coordinator the Early Return Contract. You will also have to pay additionally for each night you stay prior to your move-in day ($25/night + tax). This will be set up with Residence Admissions. 

Only students who must return early due to co-op, flight itinerary reasons and varsity team obligations are permitted to return early. Proof is required. All others must return on the specified move in day and/or find alternative accommodations.  You will be notified via e-mail by the Coordinator if your application is accepted.

Holiday stay

The holiday form must be handed in to the Residence Life Office to the Coordinator by Nov. 30 for first semester extensions and by March 31 for 2nd semester extensions. Failure to do so will result in a $25 administrative late fee.

Note: This form is only for students who intend to apply to stay 24 hours after their last exam.

Living in residence for the summer

There are limited rooms, primarily in the Sir James Dunn Residence, available for those students who wish to live in residence during the summer. Please review and fill out the summer stay application to apply. You will be notified via email if your application is accepted by Residence Admissions. 

Residence contracts and meal options

Sir James Dunn Residence
Meal Plan Agreement Residence Contract
Dr. Colin B. Mackay Residence
Meal Choice & Agreement Residence Contract

Roommate relations, handbook and residence council forms