Smoking and drugs


Smoking is not permitted in any UNB buildings or within 10 metres of any UNB building.

There is zero tolerance for those who choose to smoke in Residence as it is against the law.  It will result in a Level 3 fine of $100 and a meeting the Coordinator.

We ask that when you smoke outside, you must stand away from the entrance and building so the smoke does not drift into people's bedroom windows.


Illegal drugs, medications and pharmaceuticals are not allowed on UNB property.  Possession, use and the selling of these substances are strictly prohibited and are against Canadian law.

We do not allow drug paraphernalia in residence.  There is a zero tolerance policy for all use, possession and sale of illegal drugs in Residence and on residence property.  If caught, consequences may range from $100 fine and meeting with the Coordinator up to, and/or including, eviction and criminal charges.

It is also unacceptable to return to Residence smelling of, or under the influence of drugs.  Consequences may include a drug warning letter, management plan/contract and or a fine.  If caught again, consequences may range from a behavioural contract and fine up to eviction (depending on number of instances).