Poster Guidelines

The Residence Poster guidelines have been desined to help manage the increased requests of placing posters on floors by external groups.  All requests must be received a minimum of two days in advance of the event and must receive approval by the Department of Residence & Conference Services.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Notices can't exceed 8.5" x 14" in size.
  • Maximum of one poster per event, per floor.
  • Organiser (s)/Organising body must be identified on the posters.
  • Advertisements from private companies and/or profit-making organisations will not be allowed.
  • All notices to be posted must be related to the University of New Brunswick sponsored functions or program's that support hte University's mission.
  • All posters must follow UNB's Human Rights Policy and Procedures.
  • All posters must not place the Department of Residence & Conference Services or the Residence Life Office in a conflict of interest.

Images may not, by word or design, be:

  • Racist or sexist to promote stereotypes.
  • Adhere to Residence Life's docuement of Resident Student's Rights & Responsibilities.
  • Adhere to UNB's Human Rights & Harrasment Policies