Residence community alcohol policy


As part of the Residence Community's overall alcohol education effort, this policy aims to deepen student awareness of the problems alcohol can create, and to involve the community in helping to alleviate these problems wherever possible.


Students are accountable for their own decisions regarding alcohol use; they are also responsible for knowing, understanding, and complying with applicable University and residence policies and provincial and local laws related to alcohol.

Educative goals

The community's primary goals in this area remain educative ones:

  • to develop alcohol policies that are clear, readily understood, consistent, and equally applicable to all students;
  • to create a non-coercive social environment for those who choose not to drink;
  • to promote safety and individual accountability for those who may lawfully drink; and
  • to maintain a community where the effects of alcohol abuse and the problems of behavior associated with it are minimal.

Students who ignore or undermine this educational approach will be subject to disciplinary action.

Rules for possession and consumption of alcohol impairment:

Impairment is not tolerated; those who overconsume are subject to disciplinary action.

Drinking games of any kind are prohibited.

Bottle policy

Alcohol in glass bottles are allowed into residence.  Beer (including malt liquor, "strong beer", Colt 45, etc.) is only permitted in single serving aluminum cans or non glass cups, regardless of brand.

To keep it simple.  Alcohol in glass bottles are permitted.  It is easier to just buy alcohol in cans or plastic bottles, or poor it into a non-glass cup.  If you really want to drink out of a glass beer or liquor bottle, then you must buy a koozie that covers the entire length of the bottle including the bottom and neck.  If it is in a koozie, then you will be able to transport it throughout the halls or bring it to a lounge to drink.

Kegs and other bulk alcohol

Kegs, minikegs, "bubbas", "texas mickeys", and other alcohol in bulk or common source form, given their tendency to promote overconsumption and unsafe drinking, are not permitted in residence. Residence Council (or Third Parties) may not promote or organize residence events involving kegs or other bulk/common source alcohol, on-campus or off-campus.

Consumption in rooms

Residents and their guest who are of legal drinking age are permitted to have and consume alcohol in their rooms.

Consumption in lounges

Residents and their guests who are of legal drinking age are permitted to have and consume alcoholic beverages in residence lounges under the following conditions:

  • Only one container (maximum 20 ounces) per person is permitted. Containers must be made of plastic or other unbreakable material (glass containers are not permitted).
  • The number of people in a lounge at any time may not exceed the room's official capacity as defined by the Office of the Fire Marshall.
  • The Residence Life Coordinator, RAs, UNB Security, or other persons in authority may shut down a room or lounge gathering at their discretion should the situation warrant it.
  • House members and their guest must comply with Residence rules and regulations (which may be stricter, but may not supersede this policy).


Alcohol may not be consumed in any residence hallway or stairwell. Residents and their guests who are of legal drinking age may transport alcohol between rooms and lounges (in an aluminum can or plastic cup), but are not permitted to congregate in the halls or stairwells with open alcohol.  They may transport alcohol outside ONLY if it is in a plastic bag and sealed.  No drinking outside.


Planned or "spontaneous" Residence/Hall parties are not encouraged. People wishing to plan a social event in the Residence must do so in accordance with the policy governing Residence Functions (available from the RLC).

Other policies governing alcohol in residence

The health and safety of members of the Residence Community is of primary concern.

Resident Assistants will assist those individuals who abuse alcohol by facilitating transport to emergency facilities at the hospital or by taking other protective measures. Students are expected to inform RAs when assistance is needed.

Serious or repeated violations of Residence alcohol policies may result in referral to an appropriate treatment service or facility.

As members of a community, residents have a duty to assist an impaired individual in procuring the assistance of RAs, UNB Security, local police, and/or medical professionals. Those assisting will not be subject to formal University disciplinary action. Providing an alcoholic beverage to an obviously impaired person is prohibited.

Abusive consumption of alcoholic beverages will not excuse conduct which violates University or Residence Life policies. In such instances, appropriate penalties for violations will be applied, and referral for personal assistance may be indicated by the RLC.

The possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages, and/or the consumption of alcoholic beverages, is prohibited on the grounds of the University.