Cleaning and repairs


Just like your home, you are responsible for keeping residence clean.  You are also asked to pick up after yourself if using common areas, such as study lounges, TV lounges community kitchen or the games room.

If you live in the Mackay Residence, there are cleaning inspections done twice per semester.  You are given advance notice of these and will have on average two or three days to clean.  You must clean your bathroom and kitchen, but your bedroom is your own space.  If you fail, you will be given a notice saying what needs to be fixed along with a date when Housekeeping will be back to re-check.  However, if you fail again, there will be a fine.

If you live in the Dunn Residence, the common areas and bathrooms are cleaned for you.  However, just like at home you are still expected to pick up after yourself.

Damages and repairs

All damages and repairs are to be reported to the RA or Residence Life Office.  You will be held financially responsible if this is not reported to the appropriate staff member.

If damage occurs in the halls or common area, you are expected to come forward in confidence to an RA or the Coordinator, otherwise the entire floor will receive a floor fine to fix the damage, as it is in the common area.  The floor you live on is your community and you are responsible for it.

If you do receive a damage charge, the corresponding charge will be given to you by the Residence Admissions Office via a letter and the charge will be placed on your student account.  You can pay this at the Business Office located in Oland Hall.