Appeal procedure

Every student is provided the right to discuss any documentation regarding a violation that involves him or her.  To appeal he/she will have 48 hours to meet with the Coordinator in an attempt to waive the fine.

Possible courses of discipline

Monetary fine: This is the most common option, and involves a student paying a fine as their consequence.

Residence ban: When a student is prohibited from entering any specified residence property, the length of time he/she is banned can vary.  He/she will ben notified in writing concerning the length of the ban and the areas which the ban includes.  Only the Coordinator and Manager may implement this.

No trespass order: A no trespass order can be issued verbally by an RA or the Coordinator.  If an RA issues it, they must notify the Coordinator as soon as possible.  In addition, a form no trespass order my be given in writing from the Security Office.

Eviction: A student may be evicted depending on the situation and seriousness of it.  Only the Coordinator and Manager may recommend eviction to Senior Administration.

Management plan: Management Plans are put together by the Coordinator for students that may be in difficult situations or cause a number of problems in Residence and disrupt residence living.

Performance bond: This acts as an ultimatum.  A student may be placed on a performance bond which stipulates certain expectations that must be met.  If the student fails to meet these, eviction or a transfer or residence may occur.

Community service: Depending on the situation, a student may be required to do community service as a learning experience.

The Coordinator has the responsibility an sole right to final say and to make changes to the behaviour policy if deemed necessary and to deny any student the option to return the following year.