Classrooms on the UNB Saint John Campus

Note: To see a photo of the classroom, click on the room number.

Building Room Number
Seats Type of Seating
Athletics Centre AC108 30 movable Low Tech
Canadian Rivers Institute CRI222 25 movable Low Tech
Ganong Hall GH115 105 fixed Full Tech
GH215 130 fixed Full Tech
GH313 32 fixed Low Tech
GH314 20 movable Low Tech
GHLT 330 fixed Full Tech
Hans W. Klohn Commons HWKC G16 42 fixed Full Tech / Collaborative
Hazen Hall HH124 40 movable Low Tech
HH125 99 fixed Full Tech
HH126 40 movable Full Tech
HH127 20 movable Low Tech
HH225 35 movable Low Tech
HH227 30 movable Low Tech
HH228 48 fixed Low Tech
HH231 18 movable Low Tech
HH232 72 fixed Full Tech
HH239 125 fixed Low Tech
HHLT (HH134) 220 fixed Full Tech
K.C. Irving Hall IH101 80 movable Full Tech
IH104 50 movable Full Tech
IH106 23 movable Low Tech
IH107 104 fixed Full Tech
Oland Hall OH31 (G31) 60 fixed Full Tech
OH103 45 movable Full Tech
OH104 160 fixed Full Tech
OH106 55 movable Full Tech
OH202 18 movable Low Tech
OH206 50 fixed Full Tech
Ward Chipman Library WCL31 74 fixed Low Tech
WCL36 30 movable Full Tech