Deidre Beckwith, RN, BN

Nurse Clinician III, Skills Lab Coordinator

Educational Summary

BN - University of New Brunswick, 2002
MN - University of New Brunswick, 2015

Teaching Summary

NURS 1136- Labs
NURS 3042 - Lab group
NURS 3073 - Coordinator
NURS 3073 - Practicum
NURS 4124 - Practicum (Cardiac)
NURS 4153 - Co-coordinator
NURS 4153 - Preceptorship

Key Areas of Interest/Expertise 

Cardiac Nursing
Acute Care Nursing
Community Health Promotion
Adult Education
Wound Care
Adult Physical Assessment
Nursing Education Skills Development
Nursing Informatics
Leadership in Nursing
Integrating Simulation into Nursing Education
Parish Nursing

Professional Practice, Committees, & Volunteer Work

Nursing Connection Committee (Moncton Hospital and UNB)
NCLEX ad hoc committee
Dosage Calculations/Numeracy and Math Skills Sub-Committee
Ad hoc committee Grade Inflation/Grading Schedule
Ad hoc committee Unsafe Clinical Practice/Students at Risk for Clinical Failure