Research of Dr. Catherine Aquino-Russell

While studying out of Australia and living in Indonesia, Dr. Catherine Aquino-Russell explored the lived experiences of people with a different sense of hearing who live in Canada.

Catherine has also focused on university students in Canada and women from across the Maritimes, who have left intimate partner violence, and what their experiences of living with a different sense of hearing have meant to them. 

Catherine’s passion for enhancing sound quality in classrooms led to her working with a research team (R. Rubin & J. Flagg-Williams) in exploring the effects of enhancing the sound scape for children in their classrooms, which can have a profound impact on educational success. The findings of that study led to the majority of New Brunswick schools installing sound field systems into classrooms of Kindergarten to grade 4 classrooms.

Catherine's other research studies have involved phenomenology, such as: the experience of women living with cancer (with L. Duffy); persons’ experiences surviving dual cancer diagnoses as seen through camera lenses (with K. Wilkins, R. Thomas, A. Reiman, T. Morrison); the family’s experience living with type 1 diabetes (with R. Russell, A. Russell, C. Russell); Canadian managers’ experiences being immersed in another culture (with R. Russell); and Indonesians’ experiences working in Western-based organizations while living at home in Indonesia (R. Russell).

Catherine’s interests have also involved the development of research projects on the effects of transcendental meditation with Aboriginal persons living with type 2 diabetes (with colleagues from the United States [C. Gaylord-King] and Canada [C. Collrin]) and students’ experiences engaging in Transcendental Meditation.