Skills Lab


The Lab is available for practicing clinical skills when not in use by scheduled classes

Admittance after normal school hours can be facilitated through the library

Equipment such as; blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, black light, available for signout from the Skills Lab Coordinator

Message from Skills Lab Coordinator - Deidre Beckwith

As Lab Skills Coordinator for the UNB Moncton Campus, I am available to students individually or in groups to help with all skills required through your nursing program. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to book some time with me in the lab for one on one or group sessions to practice nursing skills when needed. I do have some supplies on hand that the students can use to practice their lab skills but it is best to bring your lab kit. There also are skill mannequins available for use that are programmable to assist in the learning of lab skills, or have anatomical parts/attachments that could be set up to practice lab skills (i.e., fillable bladders for catheterization, heart and lung sounds). If these skill mannequins need to be set up, please feel free to contact me and I will ensure that what you need will be in place. I also look after lab supplies, so if there is not something in the lab that you need, please contact me with this information as well. The lab itself is usually open Monday to Friday from 0800-1600, but if you wish to use the lab outside this time frame, please contact me and I will try to set up an alternate time. I am very open to suggestions for the lab (i.e., what you may like to see in the lab that is not), so please let me know of these ideas.

The general rules of the lab are to please keep the lab as neat and tidy as possible. No drinks or food are allowed in the lab, and when you are done with lab supplies, please return them to the place that you found them, or if you removed or rearranged the bed linen from the beds, please replace/return it to its original condition. Please refrain from moving the mannequins, but if you must, please do so with at least two people (i.e., one take the head and one take the feet), as the necks and limbs break easily. However, the programmable mannequins must not be moved without instructor supervision.

If you require any further information about the lab and what it has to offer or arrange a tour, please feel free to contact me at (506) 869-6427, email, or come and see me in my office 139. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you!!!