New Students

Once you have been accepted at UNB Moncton; please ensure that you claim your UNB Login (click the link that says Activate IT Services). This login identity and PIN are used for most online activities you will use during your tenure here at UNB.

A unique feature here in Moncton is our access card. Each student is assigned a card ($10.00)  that will be used throughout your time here. After business hours the main door is locked and access is only available with the use of your assigned card.

Lockers can be rented at the cost of $5.00 per year. Please see Charene in the library office to register. Students will provide their own lock or have the option of buying a used lock from Charene at the cost of $5.00, while supplies last.

A small kitchenette with sink, fridges, and microwaves is available for the use of students.

Think about joining the Nursing Society or serving on a committee as personal involvement makes this a better learning environment for everyone.

For any further information please check out our Current Student web pages