The Strategic Plan Priorities of PET

To provide an exceptional and transformative student experience we will focus on:

  • supporting and recognizing excellence in teaching and learning;
  • supporting and recognizing those academic programs that are engaging, challenging, and relevant;
  • increasing student financial assistance; and
  • improving our recruitment and retention of exceptional students.

To demonstrate leadership in discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship we focus on:

  • building stronger partnerships across all sectors;
  • supporting our community in developing more high quality research as appropriate to their disciplines and roles;
  • help make New Brunswick a destination of choice for advanced studies;
  • continue to increase external research revenues; and
  • creating a "one stop shop" to facilitate access to faculty, staff and student expertise for existing and potential external partners.

To provide financial resilience and responsibility we will focus on:

  • securing additional funding;
  • generating additional resources;
  • eliminating our structural deficit; and
  • increasing our endowment fund.

To build a better university we will focus on:

  • providing faculty and staff with an intensely satisfying and fulfilling work experience;
  • ensuring a positive learning and working environment, where all members of our community are respectful and respected as individuals;
  • becoming a leader in employee satisfaction within the university sector;
  • ensuring that our donors have a lasting connection with our university and are well informed of the impact their support has on our community; and
  • developing tools and metrics to better measure the engagement of our community.

To build a better province we will focus on:

  • becoming leaders in community engagement;
  • increasing and improving our collaborations with many partners to advance the social, economic and cultural progress of our province; and
  • increasing opportunities for the citizens of New Brunswick to participate in continuing education including online and distance teaching and learning.