Opportunities for Spouses to Learn English

While your spouse is enrolled at UNB, this is a great opportunity for you to learn English and immerse yourself in the Canadian culture.

ELP Program for Spouses

Each year UNB's English Language Program and the International Student Advisor's Office offers an English Language program for the spouses (husbands or wives) of international students.  This English program is:  

  • Designed specifically for husbands and wives of international students
  • Offers instruction for all levels of proficiency
  • Facilitates adaptation to the English language and the local environment
  • Includes instruction in specialized linguistics areas

For more information, please contact:  International Students Advisor's Office: 453-4860

Other Suggestions for English Language Support

  • International Students and spouses are also encouraged to check with the Fredericton Public Library, the library often has noon hour conversation clubs as well as an ESL Reading "Book Club."
  • NEW program offered by the Fredericton Public Library, called Tell Me More, an online language learning tool. All you need is a NB library card. Login HERE
  • Tutorial sessions and formal classes are available at the UNB English Language Program (ELP).  Contact ELP for details:  453-3564

Free English Language Classes in Fredericton 

Brunswick St. Baptist Church
193 York St.
Mrs. Carol Bray
Fredericton Public Library-English Table
12 Carleton St.
Rosslyn Maston
Fredericton Public Library-English Second Language Book Club
12 Carleton St.
Rosslyn Maston
460-2829 (Completion of English Table)
MCAF-English Conversation Circle
Women only
123 York St.
Marisa Rojas
Saint Andres Presbyterian Church
512 Charlotte St.
Peggy MacIntosh