Daycare for Children in Fredericton

Finding daycare for children in Canada is difficult and it is particularly difficult in Fredericton.  It is important to start early and get your child's name on a waiting list.  In Fredericton you will find a listing of daycare's in the Yellow Pages of the phone book.

The College Hill Daycare, Regent Street Daycare and The Preschool Center are closest to the university.  Please note:  The waiting list for these daycares can be two years or longer!

Keep in mind that most daycare centres do not take infants under two months of age so check on age requirements.

If you are looking for a babysitter you can ask friends with children, check the local paper, post an ad yourself, or check with FREDKID or Kijiji online resources for parents.

Babysitters can come to your home or you may take the child to theirs. If the babysitter is working from home, they may take in more than one child. Check the arrangements to see if it is suitable for your needs before making a commitment. You may find that babysitter rates will vary, depending on whether the sitter comes to your home, if your child goes to the sitter's home, and whether or not food is to be provided. Again, check to see what will work for your family.