Money Matters

The tuition for Renaissance College is the same tuition for other University of New Brunswick programs.

 3 year option

Students choosing the three year option, attend for eight consecutive terms in compressed format that allows them to complete the degree in less than three calendar years.  Although annual costs are higher than the four year option, the total costs are similar. With this plan, students complete their Canadian and international internships during the summer terms. Many students are able to secure paid internships to complete the domestic internship requirement during the summer after first year.

 4 year option

The four year option follows a more traditional schedule. Students attend classes during the fall and winter terms with their summers off. The Canadian internship is completed during the fall semester of the 2nd year and international internship is completed during winter of 3rd year.

Renaissance College offers bursaries to offset travel costs associated with the international internship, with awards based on financial need.

For more information on tuition and fees click here.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Renaissance College students are encouraged to apply for the University of New Brunswick scholarships as well as external sources. UNB undergraduate scholarships range up to $60,000 for four years of study. For details on UNB Scholarships Bursaries and Awards click here