Jocelyn Ball

As a Riverview High School (NB) alumni and while attending Renaissance College, Jocelyn Ball spent four years as a member of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on Youth which did grassroots research, policy advising, and visioning for the youth of New Brunswick. 

Jocelyn joined Jacques Whitford prior to graduation from Renaissance College in May 2007 and is currently working as a Sustainability Consultant in the Dartmouth, Nova Scotia office. 

Her educational background at Renaissance College exposed her to the intricacies of leadership, public policy, and global citizenship, and prepared her to be a dynamic member of any professional team.

Having a distinct passion for coordinating and participating in team environments has allowed Jocelyn a wide array of experiences thus far in private, public, and academic settings.

Her strong research and analytical skills developed through these experiences has given her the necessary background to work on Jacques Whitford’s internal sustainability initiative, aimed at positioning the company as a leader in the sustainability field and as a model for a sustainable service company of its size. 

Jocelyn’s passion for international exploration has taken her in recent years to Africa, Australia, and Asia and she hopes to be able to eventually merge this passion with her career.

Jocelyn is currently preparing to pursue her MBA as a way to combine her proven skills with the opportunity to enhance her business portfolio.

She is proud to be an ambassador for Renaissance College wherever her travels take her and encourages both potential students and community stakeholders to learn more about the program.