Alison Eustace

Alison Eustace

Alison graduated from Renaissance College in 2006. 

At the time of graduation she had already started working as the interim coordinator of the New Brunswick Environmental Network.  After that contract was completed, she moved to Woodstock, New Brunswick where she was a project leader for Katimavik.

Alison’s Renaissance College education was a wonderful asset for both of those work positions.  Problem solving, leadership, social interaction and communication were all essential skills that were necessary in her day to day working life. 

While at Renaissance College, contributing to the community grew as an important value to her and that was part of why she decided to become a Katimavik project leader and apply to law school.

Alison graduated with an L.L.B. from the English Common Law program at the University of Ottawa in 2010.  During her degree, she spent one summer working for Stewart McKelvey in Saint John, New Brunswick and one summer working for the Attorney General's office in Victoria, British Columbia.  After graduation, Alison returned to Stewart Mckelvey to complete her articles.  She was called to the New Brunswick Bar in 2011, and now works as an associate at Stewart Mckelvey.  

Allison is thankful that Renaissance College gave her a diverse and challenging educational foundation and her time there stands out as being a turning point in how much she enjoys formal education.