Director of Financial Services & Assistant Comptroller

Role and Responsibilities

The mandate of the director of Financial Services & Assistant Comptroller is to co-ordinate the daily operational and system development activities of Financial Services. Her role is to oversee all of the Financial Services units and to be heavily involved in all major project work associated with the Colleague Administrative System by participating on committees within and outside this department.

With a team of 36 staff members, and working closely with Human Resources, Information Technology Services, Research Services and Financial and Administrative Services for Saint John campus, the director has a broad scope of responsibility that encompasses all receipts and payments, banking arrangements, the management of trust funds, the assembly of departmental operating budgets, procurement, tax interpretations and the preparation of a wide variety of internal and external management and financial reports.

The director of Financial Services and assistant comptroller serves 130 teaching, research and service departments located on two campuses and reports to the assistant vice-president (finance and corporate services) and comptroller.