Beverley Smith

Professor Emeritus in Law

Encaenia Ceremony B: May 18, 2000

During the 16 years he taught in the University of New Brunswick Law School, Beverley Smith distinguished himself as the "eminent professor."

His textbooks, Introduction to the Law of Trusts in Canada and Professional Conduct for Canadian Lawyers, have been part of the landscape of books used by law students across Canada.

A recipient of the university's Allan P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching, Prof. Smith's teaching areas largely mirror those areas in which he has published: professional conduct, trusts, and wills and estate planning.

He received the UNB Merit Award on two occasions in recognition of his scholarship and has been an active fund-raiser for his faculty and the university as a whole.

Since his retirement in 1996, Prof. Smith has completed the significant task of rewriting the Code of Professional Conduct for the Canadian Bar Association and continues to be held in high esteem by the entire faculty of law.