Philip Parker

Professor Emeritus in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 17, 2007

Philip Parker is an international leader in the field of bio-processing.

Throughout his 29-year career in the department of electrical and computer engineering, this former department chair provided exemplary service to the university and his profession.

An inspiring teacher, he has received the Balasubramanian Award for Excellence in Teaching from the students in his department three times, and his former graduate students are world leaders in academia and industry.

Dr. Parker earned annual NSERC grants, contributed to the international reputation of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and was invited to give the Basmajian Lecture at the International Society of Electromyography and Kinesiology - an honour afforded to those truly outstanding in this field.

His work has led to a greater understanding of the human neuromuscular system, enhanced medical diagnostics and control of prosthetics limbs.