Colan Linton

Professor Emeritus in Physics

Convocation: October 18, 2007

Colan Linton is an internationally renowned expert in spectroscopy.

The research funding he generated and maintained throughout his 37- year career at the University of New Brunswick is testimony to the quality of his research. The success of so many of his students –– undergraduate as well as master’s and doctoral –– reflects the quality of his teaching, as well as the academic excellence of his courses.

Dr. Linton has published 75 papers in refereed journals and given 140 presentations at conferences around the world. He has earned the respect of the scientific community and continues to receive invitations to lecture and present at major international conferences.

He served as director of graduate studies for the physics department for 24 years, and in 1986 received a UNB Merit Award.

Since his retirement in 2005, Dr. Linton has been a visiting scientist at a number of universities and has continued to collaborate with his peers at MIT, the University of Arizona and l’Universityé de Lyon. He has also continued his service to UNB as an honorary research professor.