Bernd Kurz

Professor Emeritus in Computer Science

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 17, 2007

In the 35 years Bernd Kurz spent in the University of New Brunswick faculty of computer science, technology revolutionized the world.  His applied research, industry outreach, teaching and mentoring contributed mightily to that revolution.

With colleagues, he secured substantial funding to research next-generation wireless networks for the benefit of the province and the Atlantic region.  With non-profits, he advanced a web mapping initiative for environmental, health and climate change data.

Dr. Kurz developed new courses that incorporated his research on image processing, multiprocessor systems, computer data communication and computer-telephony integration.

As acting dean of the School of Graduate Studies, he proved himself to be a first-class administrator.  As a professor, then assistant dean (graduate program) and director of graduate studies in computer science, he supervised and inspired countless undergraduate, master's and PhD students.