Peter G. Kepros

Professor Emeritus in Psychology

Convocation: Oct. 23, 2003

The University of New Brunswick's academic legacy is richer for the contributions of Peter Kepros.

He joined the department of psychology in 1965 and, over the next 36 years, participated in more than 150 university committees, chairing nearly half of them.

From 1972 to 1988, Dr. Kepros served as associate dean, acting dean and - for two terms - dean of the faculty of arts.  During that time he oversaw significant changes and growth in the faculty.

In 1979 he participated, on the management side, in the negotiation of UNB's first collective agreement.  This agreement provided a foundation of co-operation between faculty and administration that is the envy of those at many other universities in Canada and beyond.  He also went on to serve as president of the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers.

Throughout his tenure at UNB, Dr. Kepros retained an active research laboratory on cognitive psychology and supervised dozens of graduate and undergraduate thesis projects.  He is well known for his dedication and commitment to students, and chose to teach some of his department's most labour-intensive courses.

Following his official retirement in 1999, Dr. Kepros was appointed honorary research professor.  He also chairs the University of New Brunswick Research Ethics Board, a position he has held since the board's inception in 2001.