Andrew S. Hughes

Professor Emeritus in Education and Dean Emeritus
Encaenia Ceremony A, May 19, 2010

Andrew Hughes has had an impact on the theory and practice of education in general and on citizenship education in particular.

He joined UNB in 1983 as dean of education, and, after a successful five-year term, continued as professor of education for the remainder of his career.  Dr. Hughes introduced problem-based learning to the faculty and collaborated extensively on research and development projects in Canada, Iceland, Russia, Bhutan and the Caribbean.

He laid the groundwork for the UNB-Bhutan project and was director of the Spirit of Democracy Project —a five-year collaboration with the Russian Association for Civic Education.

Dr. Hughes has produced more than 150 refereed papers, official reports and conference papers, and he has served on the executive of numerous professional organizations, including the Canadian Society for the Study of Education and the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies.

Over the span of his 25-year career, Dr. Hughes provided continuous support to UNB, his colleagues, institutional administrators, and — most importantly — to his students.  He was an outstanding teacher who had high expectations of his students and, in return, brought out the best in them and encouraged them to see their potential.

In 2002, he was named UNB Teaching Professor in recognition of his career-long commitment to excellence in teaching.