Wolfgang Faig

Professor Emeritus in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering and Dean Emeritus

Convocation: October 22, 2000

As both a faculty member in the department of geodesy and geomatics engineering and as an administrator, Wolfgang Faig has distinguished himself with an appetite for teaching and research on the one hand and service to the university and the community on the other.

Encouraged to work with his esteemed fellow countryman, Gottfried Konecny, who was establishing a department of surveying engineering at the Universityof New Brunswick Fredericton, Dr. Faig arrived here in 1963 as a master's student. He returned to his native Germany to complete his doctoral work, and in 1971 accepted an appointment to the UNBF faculty of engineering. In the ensuing 28 years, Dr. Faig became an integral part of the UNB community.

Never one to shy away from responsibility, he served in several administrative roles while at the same time developing an active research program and assuming a full teaching load. Even after being appointed dean of engineering in 1990 he continued to teach and maintain a research grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, no mean feat in a period of growing competition in the field of geomatics.

Recognized as a worldwide authority in close-range photogrammetry, a critical component of mapping, he has been among those who have solidified UNB's world-class reputation in geodesy and geomatics engineering. Much sought after by graduate students, Dr. Faig supervised 37 graduate students during his career and read and critiqued the theses of some 60 others. During his career, he travelled the globe to share his knowledge and expertise with colleagues and practitioners.

As dean of engineering for nine years, he provided leadership to a faculty that is both diverse and demanding. Dr. Faig was also honoured several times by his peers in the engineering community.