Huw Davies

Professor Emeritus in Mechanical Engineering

Convocation: Oct. 24, 2002

Huw Davies has distinguished himself as a scholar, a teacher and an administrator during his 27-year career at the University of New Brunswick.

He joined the department of mechanical engineering in 1975, following eight years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a researcher and faculty member. At UNB, Dr. Davies continued his research in vibration and acoustics, and in 1975 received the first of an unbroken series of grants from NSERC - the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Dr. Davies has supervised more than two dozen graduate students, published 45 papers in refereed journals, and presented 80 conference papers. He led generations of students through the mysteries of first-year dynamics, and earned a reputation among them as an outstanding and caring teacher.

Chairperson of the mechanical engineering department for 10 years, Dr. Davies led by example, always carrying the heaviest part of the load himself.

Outside the university, Dr. Davies is widely recognized for his expertise. He has been invited to chair NSERC's Mechanical Engineering Grant Selection Committee and, on three occasions, its Doctoral Prize Committee.

Dr. Davies' accomplishments are especially impressive when one realizes that they have happened in parallel. To concurrently teach a first-year class of nearly 200 students, chair the department, supervise graduate students, and hold substantial outside commitments with NSERC is evidence of tremendous energy, stamina, and intellectual agility.

Following his official retirement in August 2001, he was appointed honorary research professor in recognition of his ongoing contributions to the university.