Meet our 2015-2016 QES Scholars

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Emily Jackson, Nursing


My name is Emily Jackson from Montague, PEI and I am in the nursing program at UNB Fredericton. I play on the UNB field hockey team as well as participate in a few intramural sports throughout the year. I am also the nursing representative on the Student Union and a Peer Mentor for nursing. I am hoping that this experience will improve skills such as leadership, teaching skills and cultural communication skills.  I have the expectation that this journey will be a challenge and push me outside of my comfort zone but I am excited for the adventure ahead and believe it is going to make me a better health care professional in the future.

Carter Chiasson, Forestry and Environmental Management

My name is Carter Chiasson and I am a 4th year Forestry and Environmental Management Student.  During the summer of 2015, I had an opportunity to join the Faculty and Staff at the Department of Land Management, Mzuzu University in Northern Malawi.  I was supervised by Dr. Mavuto Tembo and participated in several reserach projects.

Alyson Pickard-Tattrie, Kinesiology


My area of focus in Malawi will be youth development; I intend to work with their education curriculum to increase the healthy living talk available in the classroom, to work in a medical clinic with at risk girls, and to do community development through cooking classes, health lessons, and awareness events. I want to go to Medical School after I finish my undergraduate degree, and eventually focus in international health, and doctors without borders. I expect to learn some important professional, personal and life skills through this internship that will help me get into medical school, get through medical school and become the type of doctor I want to be. I am hoping this internship will shed some light on what area I want to focus on in medical school. I hope to enhance important skills when I am abroad such as: increasing knowledge about youth development, gaining cultural sensitivity, and proving to myself that when pushed outside of my comfort zone, I can succeed.


Aly spent the summer in Lilongwe, Malawi with the African University of Guidance Counseling and Youth Development.  Learn more about her experience . . . (more)

Christine Noseworthy, Law

Christine Noseworthy

I am a law student at UNB about to begin my third and final year, who will be travelling to Jamaica to do a one semester exchange at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. I was born and raised in Newfoundland, and will be returning there to work in private practice once I have graduated. The main appeal of doing this exchange at UWI to me is to be able to see how another country with fairly different problems, interests, and concerns, has developed their legal system from the same Common Law British roots from which the Canadian legal system derived. I am interested in tracking the similarities and differences, and expect that the different perspective will be immensely helpful when I return to Newfoundland to practice. In addition to this, I have a specific developing interest in access to justice issues, and programs and methods of combating such problems, which thus far I have only been able to explore in the Canadian context.


Tyler Reagon, Arts

I am a 3rd year student in the faTylerculty of Arts with a broad range of interests including History, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Politics, Biology, Ecology, Language, Film, Literature, and Music.  Experiences as those offered through the QES Program greatly expand a person’s capacity to play a positive role as a global citizen.  Values such as tolerance, humility, and openness to new experiences are just some of the personality traits that can be gained when immersed in an environment. I find the prospect of plunging myself into such environments to be exiting areas for personal growth.

I have come to possess a very strong appreciation for the privilege of education and I would love to have the opportunity to share that privilege with others.  I look forward to teaching at Twitti School for a number of reasons. Firstly I see education as a very rewarding and fulfilling career pursuit that I would like to explore. I know that I will find Zambian culture fascinating and this experience will be life changing. I love to travel and broaden my horizons as a global citizen of the world. I have a great admiration for the lifestyles alternative from my own that many Zambian citizens live, and desire to immerse myself in such an interesting region of the world.


Tyler spent the Fall term working with the Teachers and staff of Twitti School in Zambia.  Learn more about his experience . . .  (more)

Alexander Turner, Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering