UNB Partners and Host Organizations

The 2015-2018 QES Program is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Kenneth Hamwaka, Executive Director of the African University of Guidance Counseling and Youth Development (AUGCYD). 

Dr. Hamwaka and the AUGCYD joined the UNB family during the 2010-2011 Students for Development Program.  Over the years he was a strong supporter of youth development, equal access to education and the creation of programs to address mental health issues.  He shared is knowledge, experience and dedication for the advancement of all youth with everyone he met.  It is amazing to think that so many students from the East Coast of Canada had an opportunity to learn, grow and be challenged to address world issues by one man so far away.  Kenneth truly made the world a better place.  

I look forward to working with Dr. Jacqueline Chazema to continue his work.  Dr. Kenneth Hawaka passed away on August 21, 2015.  He will be missed.  

Veronica McGinn, International Development and Experiential Activities
Global Learning and Engagement