2012-2013 CIDA Internships

Now with two years under our belts, our interns are making a significant difference in Malawi.

This year we are focusing on the future and making sure what we have done can be sustainable.  We are delivering tangible results which can be used once our three year program is completed.  We are pleased with our planned results, but we also have many unexpected success stories to tell.

In 2010-2011, we collected and delivered over $40,000 in used survey equipment from the Province of New Brunswick and the City of Saint John which is being used within the Department of Land Management. In 2011-2012 we established the Kauma Village Soccer Tournament which can be held every year to promote sports, leadership, healthy living and HIV/AIDs prevention.  This event brings together over 2,500 Malawi Youth. This year 2012-2013 we have already secured and delivered $5,000 in medical supplies to Kauma Medical Services.  Dr. Ken Chirwa confirmed that 743 men, women, girls and boys received medical treatment in June, July and August who may not otherwise had access to this service.

Let me introduce our 2012-2013 Interns . . .

Mzuzu University

  • Tracey Bates, Surveying Intern
  • Michael Floyd, Urban and Rural Planning Intern
  • Emily Jarrell, GIS/GPS/Remote Sensing Intern
  • Kat McKnight, Natural Resource Management Intern
  • Kelly Mitchell, Educational Intern 

Department of Public Service, Government of Malawi

  • Amy Bronson, Gender Intern
  • Kylie Sier, Gender Intern

Kauma Village Interns

  • Aliez Kay, Infant and Child Health Intern (Active Youth Organization)
  • Robin Mann, Youth Development Intern (Lilongwe Youth Organization)