How much will it cost?

Tuition and Fees

Exchange students

Under most exchange agreements, exchange students are required to pay tuition fees to their home institution. Exchange students will not be charged tuition or application fees.

Direct enrolment/fee-paying students

Students will be responsible for paying tuition and mandatory fees as well as any accommodation expenses charged to students living on campus.  Please refer to the Financial Services website for information on tuition, fees and payments at UNB.

UNB will charge all direct enrolment/fee paying students a discounted international differential fee as follows:

2015-16: 500$/term
2016-17: 1000$/term
2017-18: 1500$/term


(Required for all international students)

In most cases, the only additional fee paid by exchange students is the mandatory purchase of the UNB health insurance plan upon registration which all International students coming to UNB are required to purchase. You will find more information regarding the plan including the current fees at the Financial Services Office website under International Health Insurance. Information about the insurance policy is available here.

Travel and Living Expenses

Exchange and fee paying students are responsible for all of their own living, travel and accommodation arrangements and related costs. Please visit the Housing page for more information on on-campus accommodations.

Method of Payment

If you are an International student, paying tuition and fees can now be done through the University’s website, thanks to GlobalPay for Students by Western Union. Other various options are also available including wire transfer, cheque, money order, debit payment, and online/telephone banking via a Financial Institute. To look into these options and others please visit the Financial Services website under "international student payments".

Cost of living

Below you will find an approximate monthly student budget which will help you to plan your finances during your time in New Brunswick. There are many variables, so please be aware that these are only guidelines. 

An average monthly student budget

Room in residence

This will depend on the specific type of room and campus. The latest residence fees are availble here.

Saint John:

3200 - 4300 CAD per term with meal plan (2015-16 rates)


Fall term: 5600 - 7400 CAD per term with full meal plan (2015-16 rates)

Winter term: 4200 - 5200 CAD per term with full meal plan (2015-16 rates)

Off campus housing

Average monthly rental costs

Room in privately-owned home $350 - $550 **
Bachelor Apartment (including heat & lights, unfurnished) $500 - $650
1-Bedroom Apartment (including heat & lights, unfurnished) $550 - $700
2-Bedroom Apartment (including heat & lights, unfurnished) $700 - $900
3-Bedroom Apartment (including heat & lights, unfurnished) $900 - $1200

** This is a room in someone's home or apartment and is most often furnished.

Leisure 100 CAD
Cell phone 50 CAD
Books & Materials estimating $100 in materials/books PER COURSE on average
Bus pass per month 60 CAD



Milk: $3 /litre
Bread: $3.50 / loaf
Butter: $5.00/ pound
Cheese: $5.00 /pound
Beef: $4.00 /pound
Chicken: $5.00 /pound
Eggs: $3.50 /dozen
Cinema: 10-15$