Children's Literature and Literacy Conference

University of New Brunswick Fredericton
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The conference will feature presentations from 8 children's authors: Sheree Fitch, Barbara Reid, Frieda Wishinsky, Cybèle Young, Odette Barr, Colleen Landry, Beth Weatherbee, and Alan Syliboy. Parents, librarians, early year educators and teachers in K-5 classrooms will all enjoy this conference!

Visit with Sheree Fitch

On Oct 21st and 22nd we will be lucky enough to have Sheree Fitch visiting the city for our early literacy conference.  At 4:00 pm on Saturday October 22nd, Sheree Fitch will be reading and presenting her poetry to children at no cost in room 143 in Marshall d’Avray Hall (the Faculty of Education). There is no need to register.  All are welcome.

Conference Fees:
Registration Type
General Registration $50.00
Student Registration $25.00

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"Members of the literacy club are people who read and write, even the beginners, and the fact that one is not very competent yet is no reason for exclusion or ridicule. A new comer is the same kind of person as the most proficient club member, except that he or she has’t yet had much experience."
                                                                (Frank Smith, 1988, p. 11)

"Smith’s point is provocative and clear. There isn’t anything a child needs to do to get ready for membership in the literacy club. Children are already ready, and the adults around them need to go about the business of helping them gain experience as full- fledged members. To do this, adults must hold two understandings simultaneously: the child is a writer, and the child is four years old. The two don’t cancel each other out; the two are equally true at once, and the implications of this are incredibly significant."

                                                                  (Wood Ray & Matt Glover, 2008,p.6) 

“What if we could support children as them make meaning both visually and verbally and know that in doing so, neither ability or competency is diminished; instead both are strengthened?"

                                                                    (Katie Wood Ray, 2010)