The Univeristy of New Brunswick's Engineering and Science Co-op office takes pride in connecting employers with highly motivated and talented students.

Students are able to participate in work terms of 4, 8, 12 or 16 month durations beginning in January, May, and September in any calendar year. We offer flexibility for employers by making students available for extended work terms to meet their professional staffing needs.

We also offer opportunities for employers to build their brand on campus through various events such as information sessions. 

For further details, contact the co-op office at or call (506) 447-3268.

Feedback received from employers participating in the Co-operative Education Program:

  • Students are highly motivated and bring new ideas to their companies.
  • Students are well prepared technically and have strong problem solving and analytical skill sets.
  • Employers can use the Co-op placement as an opportunity to evaluate the student's suitability for long-term employment.