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#OnlyHere campaign

Our #OnlyHere campaign is about showcasing unique, innovative and significant aspects of a university experience that you'll only find at UNB. Our social series brings these stories to life - in your own words.

What we can do

  • Web and social media
  • Brand resources
  • Design & creative services
  • Marketing services
  • Analytics

UNB marketing blog

Updates, tips and tricks from your university marketers

We need your help

The University of New Brunswick has a lot of amazing things to be proud of and that students are looking for from a university. We want the world to know who UNB is and what we stand for — but we need your help.

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Beat Facebook's algorithm

Have you ever wondered why your posts aren’t reaching your entire audience? Check out these best practices to help you extend your reach and engage your audience.

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Marketing Plans 101

Why is a marketing plan important? Learn the simple steps you can take to set yourself up for success.

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7 Steps to social media stardom

Want to raise the social media bar? This seven step guide is designed to set you on the path to success.

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#OnlyHere Year 3

We’re growing awareness of UNB in an increasingly competitive post-secondary space, generating interest by attracting and engaging with prospective students, and making a lasting impression.

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