General Business

Faculty: Faculty of Business
Degree(s): Bachelor of Applied Management
Campus: Saint John

UNB's Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) program on the Saint John campus is designed to be tailored to the needs of professionals and college students from any field who are interested in furthering their education, making a career change or advancing within their current workplace.

The BAM program will give students a broader understanding of how key operations integrate in the business environment including finance and reporting, human resource management, marketing, e-commerce and communications. Your UNB BAM degree will enable you to re-enter the workforce with the qualifications necessary for management-level positions or to run your own company.


To qualify for the BAM, students must have completed a two-year diploma from a recognized college, with a minimum overall average of 70%.

If you have a two-year diploma, in any field, from a recognized college with an overall average of at least 70%, you may be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) in general business.

Diverse backgrounds

Students in this program come from diverse backgrounds including: journalism, nursing, graphic design, animation, forestry, computer science, engineering technology, youth care worker, marketing, culinary and pastry, ceramics, and many other programs.

With your diploma and a University of New Brunswick BAM degree, you will re-enter the workforce with an in-depth knowledge of how businesses function, and with the qualifications necessary for management-level positions. Or you may choose to build upon your degree with further post-secondary specialization and training.

Graduation requirements

To graduate with a BAM degree, you must successfully complete:

  • 2 accounting courses
  • 2 marketing courses
  • 1 management course
  • 1 human resource management course
  • 1 finance course
  • 3 operations and information management courses
  • 1 electronic commerce course
  • 1 law course
  • 1 competitive strategy course.

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Applied Management" in our admission requirements tool.