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Student Affairs and Services

Student Health Centre

The UNB Student Health Centre is committed to providing quality primary health care. The Fredericton UNB Student Health Centre is open year round to full-time UNB and STU students.

Emergency and alternate care

The Saint John UNB Health Centre is open to all UNB students, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) and Saint John College (SJC) students.

We assess and manage a wide variety of medical problems. We know the importance of wellness to a student's academic success and our goal is to help you keep interruptions to your studies to a minimum. Our services are confidential.

Appointments and cancellations

Health insurance

All students must present valid health insurance to cover services provided at the Student Health Centre or at any other health facility. If you do not present your valid health card, you will be required to pay prior to receiving services.

Students must also present proof of valid full-time status as a student of UNB or STU in order to access services at the Student Health Centre.

The Student Health Centre offers appointments for the following confidential and non-judgemental medical services.

Medical services

  • Immunizations - routine, travel, school/job requirements, etc.
  • TB skin tests/readings
  • Injections - Depo-Provera, allergy injections, etc.
  • Immunization clinics
  • Ear syringing
  • Specimen collection and processing - blood, urine, stool, swabs, etc.
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Lice/scabies - treatment and assessment
  • Suture/staple removal
  • Wound care

  • Cardiac health - blood pressure, syncope, palpitations, etc.
  • Dermatology - skin related issues
  • Ear/nose/throat - cold/flu, sore throat, allergies, ear ache, etc.
  • Endocrinology - thyroid, diabetes, hormone therapy and referrals, etc.
  • Gastrointestinal - upset stomach, abdominal pain, nausea, Crohns, IBS, etc.
  • Mental health - ADHD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, gender dysphoria, substance abuse, psychiatrist referrals (virtual), etc.
  • Minor procedures - ingrown toenails, mole removal, etc.
  • Musculoskeletal - injuries, sports medicine, sprains, breaks, motor vehicle accidents, pain, etc.
  • Neurology - headaches, multiple sclerosis, numbness, dizziness, concussions, etc.
  • Opthalmology - eye issues
  • Respiratory - chest infections, asthma, pneumonia, smoking cessation, etc.
  • Sexual health - contraception, confidential STBBI testing, gender-based violence support and care, 2SLGBTQIA+ reproductive health care, sexual dysfunction, PAP test, etc.
    • Pregnancy support - pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, pregnancy options counselling, family planning, prenatal care, etc.
  • Uninsured visits - medicals for travel/work/school, etc.
  • Urinary - urinary tract infections, incontinence, kidney stones, etc.

Nutritional assessment and counselling for a variety of topics including:
  • Weight management
  • Sport nutrition
  • Eating disorders
  • Dining hall concerns
  • Healthy eating education
  • Nutritional deficiencies (iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, etc)
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • Adjusting to a Canadian diet
  • Gastrointestinal problems (IBS, constipation, diarrhea, etc)
  • Intuitive eating
  • Plant-based diets
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension

Contact us    Fees

Common questions

You can access the Student Health Centre if you: 

  • Fredericton - Are a full-time student at UNB or STU
  • Saint John - All UNB students, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) and Saint John College (SJC) students
  • Have been accepted to UNB or STU and are enrolled in full-time fall/winter classes for the upcoming semester
  • Fredericton -Are an ELP or Shad Valley participant (one-time access fee of $20 for the term) 
  • Are a student and have opted out of the UNB student health insurance plan (prescriptions)
  • Saint John - Students graduating in October have access until December 31st

Fredericton campus:
C.C. Jones Student Services Centre
3rd floor - 26 Bailey Drive

Saint John campus:
Located behind the Athletics Centre
100 Tucker Park Road

Canadian students

  • a valid Student ID card
  • a valid Provincial Health card

International students

  • a valid Student ID card
  • a valid Guard me International Healthcare Access Card OR a valid NB Medicare card

We are currently open for full-time UNB and STU students in Fredericton and all students in Saint John.

Doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, and dietitian appointments are available both virtually and in-person (at the discretion of each practitioner). All appointments adhere to both UNB and public health guidelines.

  • Be prepared for virtual appointments
  • We are open during usual business hours for summer, winter, and fall
  • Our cancellation policy is in place; no show fees will be applied if you do not cancel your appointment - regardless of whether your appointment is by phone, video or in-person
  • You will be asked to provide the name, phone number and fax of your preferred pharmacy if you need a prescription.

Note: Phone lines are busy. If you have questions, stop in or email us.

Emails are being monitored Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

Drop-in to the clinic during our open hours to speak with staff.

To book an appointment, call or stop by the Centre if you are NOT displaying COVID or Influenza symptoms.

Note: If UNB campus is closed for any reason, the Student Health Centre will also be closed.

We take cancellations by email only.


Phone:(506) 453-4837
Fax:(506) 452-6087

C.C. Jones Student Services Centre
3rd floor, 26 Bailey Drive, PO Box 4400
Fredericton, NB Canada, E3B 5A3

Campus map

Saint John

Phone:(506) 648-5656
(506) 648-5663

The Student Health Centre is located behind the Athletics Centre
100 Tucker Park Road, PO Box 5050
Saint John, NB Canada, E2L 4L5

Campus map

The phone lines can be very busy. If you get our answering machine when you call during business hours, it means we are on the line with another patient. 

If you are cancelling an appointment there is no need to call. We take cancellations by email only.

In order to be seen by a practitioner at the Student Health Centre an appointment is required. 

Typically you don't need an appointment to access nursing services, however, due to COVID-19, there will be NO WALK-IN traffic without an approved appointment at this time. 

We take cancellations by email only. 

Check your health insurance policy for specific details (Student Union or Financial Services). These plans typically cover the cost of medications, and can assist with additional expenses such as crutches, private hospital rooms, etc.

Canadian students will have a Medicare card which allows for payment of the actual appointment.

**International students are now eligible for Medicare.

Contact the International Student Office for more information.

UNB/STU Health Plan holders: Physicians bill direct for medical services covered through the Canadian Medicare system.

Private Health Care Plan: You will pay for services at the time of usage and it is your responsibility to submit receipts to be refunded through your private plan.

Québec Health Coverage: You will pay for services at the time of usage and it is your responsibility to submit receipts to be refunded through your plan.

Fees for services not covered by Medicare

Full-time students who opt out of the UNB Student Health Insurance Plan (prescriptions) can still use the Student Health Centre or any other health care facility (walk-in clinics, after hour clinic, emergency room, etc.).

Your health insurance is not tied to any one health care provider.

The university provides quality health services to its students, most notably our health clinics on each of the Fredericton and Saint John campuses.

The Student Health fee:

  • Is a university fee intended to provide an offset to the cost of providing health services
  • Assists with funds for projects and services through Counselling Services
  • Supports other campus-wide health and wellness initiatives

Contact the Student Health Centre by phone to review your test results with the nurse. You can also book an appointment with your practitioner if you would like to follow up with them.

If you are receiving calls from anyone at the Student Health Centre, it is at the request of your practitioner (physician or nurse practitioner).

We contact students for a variety of reasons (follow up, test results, appointment changes, questions, etc.)

The sooner you contact us, the more efficiently we can perform our duties, and you can be on your way.

Dental services are not provided at the Student Health Centre. There are local dentists in the area.

You must be seen by a practitioner who will determine your course of medical treatment, inclusive of the requirement for specialists.

If a specialist is currently following you, the specialist can make a direct referral to a specialist in Fredericton to ensure your care plan.

If you wish to be followed by one of our practitioners, you should bring any relevant medical history, test results, specialist reports, etc and provide them to one of our nursing staff upon arrival at UNB.

For continuity of care we prefer the same practitioner follows you throughout your stay in university.

Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (Public Health) for up-to-date information on medical outbreaks. Public Health outlines symptoms, treatments, isolation requirements, along with preventative measures.

Specific information on vaccines and immunization