The Prosthetic Device Communication Protocol (PDCP)


The development and adoption of a standardized communication interface for powered prostheses has been identified as a necessary next progression within the industry. The Prosthetic Device Communication Protocol (PDCP) was developed with the intention of becoming the building block of a standardized communication interface.

The PDCP - A Serial Communication Protocol for Prosthetic Application whitepaper (coming soon) will provide the reader with the knowledge to implement PDCP within any system.

The PDCP Bus Commands document provides detailed information on the commands that must be exchanged between the Bus Arbitrator and other units within the prosthetic limb bus system.

The PDCP API Communication document specifies the type and content of all messages between an external computing device's software application and the Bus Arbitrator unit used in the PDCP system.

To ease the effort required in adopting the PDCP, an open source software stack has been developed for distribution. The stack and example implementations can be downloaded from the following repository:

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