Presidential Standing Committee on World University Rankings

A strong international reputation can provide significant strategic benefits to the University of New Brunswick, including increased opportunities for international collaborations and partnerships and increased opportunity to recruit international students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.

Appearing in world university ranking systems is an important confirmation of the credibility and quality of an institution, and participating in these ranking systems will help to build and demonstrate UNB’s reputation internationally. 

In April 2020, UNB’s president, Dr. Paul J. Mazerolle, established the Standing Committee on World University Rankings to plan, implement and operationalize a fulsome ranking strategy for UNB.

Role of the committee

The committee’s primary objective is to support the development of UNB’s international reputation by establishing and maintaining a favourable presence in world university rankings.

The committee works toward this objective by:

  • Monitoring world university ranking systems and seeking opportunities for UNB to participate
  • Overseeing UNB’s ranking applications and reporting on the university’s performance
  • Providing recommendations to the president on improving UNB’s ranking performance

Committee membership

The bi-campus committee includes a representative from recruitment, institutional analysis, graduate studies and a faculty member from each campus. Members are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the chair.

Membership (2020-21)

  • Dr. David MaGee, vice-president research (chair)
  • Ms. Natasha Ashfield, Office of the President (project manager)
  • Mr. Stephen Dove, manager, Office of Institutional Analysis
  • Mr. Lloyd Henderson, assistant vice-president (Student Recruitment and Enrolment)
  • Dr. Lucia O’Sullivan, professor, Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Drew Rendall, dean of School of Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Rémy Rochette, professor, Department of Biological Sciences

World ranking systems

UNB will be strategically participating in three domestic ranking systems and four world ranking systems, which were chosen because they are widely acknowledged and accepted as reputable.

Domestic ranking systems

World ranking systems