A time to reflect, a time to look forward

Dear Members of the UNB Community,

As we approach the end of the year, it’s important to take stock and reflect upon the many accomplishments at UNB. This is an incredible institution, and the UNB spirit is alive and well and easily observable as I walk the campuses each week. For me, it has been an incredible source of pride to witness the reach of this institution and the way it touches so many lives in so many positive ways. From the joy of writing your last exam to major research awards or teaching accomplishments, all of these are worthy of celebration. 

As we head toward the end of the fall semester, it is also a time for us to look ahead toward 2020.  For us as a university community, one of the biggest issues on the horizon is the completion of our Strategic Plan. After more than a year of work and consultation, we are nearing the finish line. 

This Strategic Plan is the result of countless hours of collaboration and dedication by many within our community. Through it all, we’ve been united in the goal of creating positive change for the university and establishing a framework that enables success. I am very excited about the potential of the proposed plan and look forward to its formal approval and implementation in the new year. 

The new year will undoubtedly present some challenges and uncertainties, but I’m motivated by the opportunities that lie ahead for UNB. We have unique opportunities to build upon our strengths as we deliver our programs to more students and ensure they are prepared for the demands of the future. The time has come for UNB to proudly take its place as a national comprehensive research university, delivering programs and courses that speak to the needs of today and tomorrow. Through all of this, we will remain grounded in our values – one UNB, ready to face the future together. 

As we head toward the semester break and the holiday season, it is my sincere hope that you are able to welcome the season with joy and peace and enjoy moments of rest and relaxation with friends and family. 

Colleagues—I am optimistic about our future at UNB. With optimism comes pride, with pride comes a sense of purpose, and with purpose we can realize the impossible. Colleagues, let’s change the world together for the better starting today! We won’t regret it!

With my very best wishes,