Message to the class of 2021

Paul Mazerolle, President, University of New Brunswick

Graduates, throughout your time at UNB, and particularly in the past 15 months, you have shown great strength, determination and resilience.

You persevered throughout a very tumultuous moment in history. And while we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel, this period of great change is not yet over.

I want you to know that your achievements matter more today than ever before. As we move toward recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, we will look to you, our newest generation of thinkers, for your ideas and solutions. We will look to you for your vision of what the world should look like, and how it can be made better. 

Hope is everywhere. And it starts with you.

We know that you came to UNB in the pursuit of knowledge and of a higher education. But what you’ve also gained, and might not have expected, is knowledge about yourself. Who you are – your dreams, your passions, values and beliefs.

Perhaps it was at UNB where you decided who it is you want to become. And with whom you wish to surround yourself.

Inward-reflection and self-awareness are hard work. And they are no less valuable than your studies. They influence your approach to life and the decisions you make, both in and outside of your chosen fields.

You are thinkers, activists, innovators, educators, creatives and leaders.

This is your moment. Step into the world knowing that you are the architects of tomorrow, and we trust in you to build a stronger, healthier, and more just future.

This, of course, is no small task. But I have witnessed your dedication, hard work and perseverance in action, and I have every confidence that you will use the skills and knowledge you have acquired to create positive change in today’s world.    

I have this confidence, because I have seen you continue to believe in yourself, your chosen area of study, your future, and the future of our world.

As a UNB graduate, you are part of a special network of friends and supporters who also believe in you. We will always be cheering you on and wishing you the very best.

Here is to hope; here is to a bright future, and to the Class of 2021.