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Community engagement

"The outermost rings and the bark of our tree are our collective visions and commitments that will help us work in a forward sense and will support our people, our mother earth, and our environments, while being strong and resilient for our community."

Nutsihpiluwewicik is actively working towards engaging with our community and forming partnerships.

Current partnerships

Foundation for Resilient Health 

Nutsihpiluwewicik is actively working with Heath Professions for Action on Climate Change (HPACC) to increase awareness on the connections with traditional Indigenous health and wellness practices and the initiative of "supporting health professionals as they educate and treat their patients. HPACC provides educational resources that may help you bring awareness to how climate change affects human health and the steps we can take to protect ourselves.



 Holistic wellness: Nutrition, meal planning, conversation and more

Apatawsuwikuwam is providing Nutsihipiluwewicik with the opportunity to facilitate a weekly group program focused on wellness. Nursing students have engaged discussions surrounding nutrition within the concept of the medicine wheel, and facilitated reading and discussion groups for books written by Indigenous authors on health and wellness.