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Professional development

The MMFC's research highlights the complexity of family violence. Responding to situations of family violence is challenging, and requires specialized knowledge and a unique set of skills and competencies. Professionals are not always able to recognize the signs of family violence as their direct practice may not be focused on this issue. Victims of family violence are often hesitant to disclose experiences of abuse and may not receive the support they need.

Our professional development provides:Intimate Partner Violence - Professional Development Programs

  • an understanding of the dynamics of family violence and its impacts on victims, children and perpetrators;
  • information on intersectional factors such as gender, ethnicity and class that present barriers to help-seeking for victims;
  • best practices in responding to disclosures of family violence;
  • increased awareness of local resources for family violence;
  • how to make referrals to public service providers; and
  • tips on becoming part of a collaborative community response to family violence.

Training for public service providers and members of community organizations

Customized training is available for those who work directly with victims, perpetrators, their children and or witnesses of family violence including:

  • justice system workers
  • mental health professionals
  • health care workers
  • social workers
  • shelter workers and advocates

Customized training is also available for those who do not work directly with victims, perpetrators, their children or witnesses of family violence, but who are likely to get disclosures, such as:

  • religious leaders
  • educators
  • cosmetologists
  • dental professionals
  • immigrant settlement service providers
  • employers
  • hospitality industry workers
  • elected officials and constituency staff
  • massage therapists

Our professional development training can be tailored to your professional needs. Training is delivered in-person or via webinar. Contact us to discuss how we can best address your professional development goals.