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The Gregg Centre

Academic programs

The Gregg Centre works within the Faculty of Arts and operates no specific degree programs of its own. Students interested in war and society studies enroll in Arts degree undergraduate or graduate degree programs.

In practice, however, the Centre has had a special relationship with the History Department since 1971, supporting its teaching in military history and its graduate program in "Military and International" history. In addition, the Centre actively supports teaching within its broad mandate in the traditional disciplinary-based programs of the various Faculty of Arts Departments, including social science teaching in war and gender studies, international relations, military sociology, and defence economics, as well as ancient history. As the Centre's new mandate gains momentum, we hope to do more in these fields.

Students interested in undergraduate and graduate courses and programs in the field of war and society should contact the appropriate Faculty of Arts Department for specific information.

In addition to the basic academic programs, the Gregg Centre also holds regular Canadian Forces familiarization visits at CFB's Gagetown and Halifax. These visits allow students to learn about their subject by handling weapons, driving vehicles, sailing in warships and most importantly, talking to members of the CF about the nature of their work.


Courses sponsored by the Gregg Centre and academic support is offered at the Bachelors, Masters and PhD level. The Gregg Centre also provides funding for research and conference travel.

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