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Consultants and reviewers

Global experts have reviewed various aspects of the body of work that has resulted in the development of the GlobalChild platform throughout its four-year development.

Name Affiliation
Dr. Aisling Parkes University College Cork, Ireland
Mr. Alan Kikuchi-White SOS Children’s Villages International, Switzerland
Mr. Alexander Robert World Health Organization, Switzerland
Ms. Anamika Baijnath Ontario Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children, Canada
Prof. Dr. Anna Holzscheiter The Free University of Berlin, Germany
Ms. Annabel Trapp International Child Rights Consultant, Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Aoife Daly University College Cork, Ireland
Ms. Armel Oguniyi International Institute for Child Rights and Development, Canada
Dr. Barbara Fallon University of Toronto, Canada
Dr. Barbara Janta RAND Europe, United Kingdom
Ms. Beatrice Schulter Roots to Rise, Switzerland
Ms. Becky Smith Save the Children, United Kingdom
Mr. Bernard Gastaud Former Member of the UN Child Rights Committee (2011-2019), Monoco
Ms. Cheryl Milne University of Toronto, Canada
Ms. Claire O’Kane Proteknon Foundation, Rwanda
Dr. Damon Barrett University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr. Debra Pepler York University, Canada
Ms. Delphine Dorsi Right to Education Initiative, United Kingdom
Ms. Donjeta Haliti Stockholm University, Sweden
Ms. Elaina Mack International Institute for Child Rights and Development, Canada
Dr. Elvis Fokala Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Ms. Erica Murphy Right to Education Initiative, United Kingdom
Prof. Ernesto Duran Stauch National University of Colombia, Colombia
Prof. Dr. Eva Glückman Ghent University, Belgium
Prof. Dr. Eva Lievens Ghent University, Belgium
Dr. Fabrizio Simonelli Expert consultant for the Council of Europe, Italy
Mr. George Moschos “Initiative for Article 12”, Greece
Ms. Hala Mreiwed McGill University, Canada
Dr. Ilaria Simonelli Health Promoting Hospitals network, Italy
Prof. Dr. Ineta Ziemele Riga University, Latvia
Dr. Iris Berger University of British Columbia, Canada
Mr. Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Austria
Prof. Jaap Doek Vrije University, The Netherlands
Honourable Jean Zermatten Geneva University, Switzerland
Dr. Jeffrey Goldhagen University of Florida College of Medicine, United States
Dr. Jennifer Davidson University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Ms. Jessica Caryl Canadian Bar Association, Canada
Dr. Joe Khalil Northwestern University, Qatar
Mr. John Njoka University of Nairobi, Kenya
Dr. John Tobin Melbourne University, Australia
Ms. Julie Uchitel University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Ms. Kanarina Shehu Save the Children, Kosovo
Ms. Kathy Vandergrift Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children, Canada
Professor Kirsten Sandberg University of Oslo, Norway
Dr. Kishore Singh Former UNESCO Special Rapporteur for Education, India
Honourable Landon Pearson Landon Pearson Center, Canada
Dr. Laura Lee International Institute for Child Rights and Development, Canada
Prof. Dr. Laura Lundy Queens University, United Kingdom
Ms. Laura Wright University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Dr. Linda Farr Darling University of British Columbia, Canada
Ms. Lisa Wolff UNICEF, Canada
Ms. Lizet Vlamings Consortium for Street Children, United Kingdom
Dr. Lothar Krappmann Free University of Berlin, Germany
Dr. Lucien Lombardo Old Dominion University, United States
Mr. Marcus Marcellus Stahlhofer World Health Organization, Switzerland
Dr. Mari Pighini University of British Columbia, Canada
Ms. Mia Dambach International Social Services, Switzerland
Dr. Michael Bourdillon University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
Dr. Najat Maalla M’Jid Special Representative of UN General Secretary on Violence Against Children, Morocco
Prof. Nevena Vuckovic Sahovic Union University, Belgrade, Serbia
Hon. Dr. Nigel Cantwell International Child Protection Consultant, Switzerland
Prof. Nigel Lowe Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Dr. Nkatha Murungi University of Pretoria, South Africa
Ms. Olivia Lecoufle Save the Children, Canada
Dr. Philippa Collins Western Sydney University, Australia
Ms. Rebecca Schleifer International Human Rights Consultant, United States
Ms. Rebecca Smith Save the Children, United Kingdom
Justice Renate Winter Former chair of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Georgia
Mr. Richard Carothers University of Maryland, United States
Prof. Dr. Richard Mitchell Brock University, Canada
Dr. Rita Nathawad University of Florida, United States
Dr. Robert Armstrong Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Dr. Rochelle Einboden The University of Sydney, Kenya
Ms. Sabine Rakotomalala The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, United States
Mr. Samuel Munyuwiny African Institute for Children Studies, Kenya
Dr. Sherry Shenoda The Children’s Clinic, United States
Prof. Sonia Livingstone London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
Prof. Spencer Li University of Macau, China
Dr. Stuart Hart Indiana University, United States
Dr. Sue Bennett University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Susan Bissell Harvard University, United States
Dr. Tara Collins Ryerson University, Canada
Prof. Dr. Ton Liefaard Leiden University, the Netherlands
Dr. Usang Maria Assim University of Western Cape, South Africa
Dr. Valerie Michaelson Brock University, Canada
Ms. Vanessa Currie International Institute for Child Rights and Development, Canada
Dr. Virginia Caputo Carleton University, Canada
Judge Vui Clarence Joseph Nelson Supreme Court of Samoa, Samoa