Prioritization Process

How do we choose which classrooms to upgrade and renovate?  There are a number of factors and considerations that are taken into account before a classroom is chosen.  Some of these are:

  • Teaching Principles - How will the changes positively affect teaching in the classroom and facilitate a variety of teaching styles?
  • Feedback from Deans/Faculties - What are the needs of the Faculties and Instructors with regards to their teaching spaces?
  • Feedback from Students - What are the needs of the current and future students of UNB with regarding to their learning spaces?
  • Baseline Technology - Does the room have the baseline technology that is expected of a modern smart classroom?
  • Site Visits - The working group has done a site visit of every teaching and learning space at UNB, and will continue to do so to get a visual representation of the impact an upgrade will have.
  • Cost Analysis - Many smaller upgrades vs. major upgrades.
  • Impact on Building - Does the infrastructure of the building support the renovation (e.g. HVAC)?
  • Accessibility Concerns - The building must be considered accessible before the room can be deemed as such.
  • Scheduling Impacts - How long will the renovation put the classroom out of commission?
  • Heritage/Branding Considerations - Is the building/room a heritage site or being funded through a donor?
  • Utilization - Most heavily used room, or highest number of students impacted?
  • Current and Future Capacity Requirements - Do we have the rooms to support the class size needs (both large and small)?
  • Innovative or experimental spaces - A certain percent of classrooms renovated will support an innovative design or equipment.