Working Group Membership

Co-chair Kathy Wilson - AVP Learning Environment
Co-chair Mary Jane Adams - AVP Captial Planning & Property Development
CETL Ken Reimer - Director of the Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning
CETL Martyn Iannece - Director of Classroom Technology Services, CETL
CETL Vacant - Director of Teaching and Learning , CETL
Deans Sharon D. Wahl - Dean of Education
Deans Lorna Butler - Dean of Nursing
Faculty Mary Kaye - Professor, Engineering
Faculty Ted Needham - Professor, Forestry & Environmental Management
Engineering Rob Moss,  Operations Engineer
Facilities Management Ron Shaddick - Project Manager, Acting, FM
Facilities Management Bev McAllister, Site Coordinator, FM
Library Jeannie Bail - Director of Learning and Research Services, University Libraries
Registrar Gil Vautour - Associate Registrar, Information Sytems, Registrar
UNB Saint John Ken Craft, Student Acceasiblity Counsellor, Student Services
Student Union VP Internal, UNBSU
Conference Services Vacant, Manager Administrative Operations
President's Office Melissa Dawe - Director and Senior Advisor, President's Office