Working Group Membership

Co-chair Kathy Wilson - AVP Learning Environment
Co-chair Barbara Nicholson - AVP Captial Planning & Property Development
CETL Ken Reimer - Director of the Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning
CETL Martyn Iannece - Director of Classroom Technology Services, CETL
CETL Magdalen Normandeau - Teaching and Learning Coordinator, CETL
CETL Bev Bramble, Instructional Designer, CETL
Deans Sharon D. Wahl - Dean of Education
Deans Lorna Butler - Dean of Nursing
Faculty Mary Kaye - Professor, Engineering
Faculty Ted Needham - Professor, Forestry & Environmental Management
Engineering Rob Moss,  Operations Engineer
Facilities Management Ron Shaddick - Project Manager, Acting, FM
Facilities Management Bev McAllister, Site Coordinator, FM
Library Jeannie Bail - Director of Learning and Research Services, University Libraries
Registrar Gil Vautour - Associate Registrar, Information Sytems, Registrar
UNB Saint John Ken Craft, Student Acceasiblity Counsellor, Student Services
Student Union VP Internal, UNBSU
Conference Services Debbie Goguen, Manager Administrative Operations
President's Office Michelle McNeil - Acting Director and Senior Advisor, President's Office