Terms of Reference

The Fredericton Campus of the University of New Brunswick has established an Accessibility Advisory Committee, reporting to the Vice President Fredericton (Academic), to respond to issues related to accessibility for students and employees regardless of disability. The mandate of the committee includes:

  • Being the campus contact point for physical accessibility concerns (learning-related needs of students and assistive technology needs are met through Services for Students with Disabilities; individual employee needs are met by HR);
  • Building on the Accessibility Audit Report (Latchford et al, March 2005), define and implement a 1-year campus plan for improving accessibility;
  • Building on the Accessibility Audit Report (Latchford et al, March 2005), develop a 10-year campus plan for improving accessibility; championing the items in the plan through the annual budget process and government infrastructure opportunities; monitoring the success of completion of the plan and report success to VPF(A) and UMC;
  • Serving as a filter for accessibility projects for Physical Plant;
  • Receiving expression of concern from Services for Students with Disabilities, Human Resources, and individual students and employees and respond, taking action as appropriate;
  • Sharing information with all stakeholders: Deans Council, Directors Plus, students, unions;
  • Developing recommendations for campus and university-wide policies on accessibility, to be presented to the VPF(A), UMC, and Senate committees where appropriate;
  • Developing and implementing a campus awareness campaign;
  • Serving as a link with the Premier’s Council on the Status of Disabled Persons;
  • Reporting annually to Senate and through the University Website.