The Gregg Centre Mission

The Brigadier Milton F. Gregg, VC, Gregg Centre’s mission is to educate, mentor, and prepare citizens and leaders to make informed choices and challenging decisions in an uncertain world. This mission builds on more than four decades of expertise in the study of conflict and its impact. In the 1970s UNB developed an innovative and academically rigorous approach to teaching and writing military history.

In 1980, UNB established Canada's first research centre and scholarly journal devoted to the study of terrorism and low intensity conflict. In 2006, these centres joined to form the Gregg Centre, which is named for Brigadier Milton F. Gregg, VC. We feel that Gregg’s example of service, as a soldier, as UNB’s president, and finally as a public servant, is the light that guides our activities both in and out of the university classroom.

Our approach

Commercial, technological, and armed conflict remain pervasive in today’s international system. The Gregg Centre employs education best-practices and innovative research to challenge students, the Canadian people, and members of the Canadian Armed Forces to consider critical issues surrounding modern international conflict in the past, present and future.

Our team is recognized across Canada, in the United States, and around the world as a leader in the study of war and its impact on society. We remain committed to academic excellence and innovation in the study of one of humanity’s most tragic and perplexing social activities, and to the notion that knowledge and understanding are the keys to the foundations of a better world.

In addition to our regular university teaching and research duties, the faculty of the Gregg Centre are proud of our two flagship programs: The War and the Canadian Experience and the Canadian Army Studies program. Both programs are informed by our unique pedagogical approach and provide professional development opportunities for educational professionals and professional soldiers.