What is the Gregg Centre?

eritreaThe Brigadier Milton F. Gregg, VC, Centre for the Study of War and Society is devoted to excellence in the study of war as a complex social phenomena. In doing so we build on nearly four decades of expertise in the study of modern war. In the 1970s UNB developed an innovative and academically rigorous approach to teaching and writing military history. In 1980 UNB established Canada's first research centre and scholarly journal devoted to the study of terrorism and low intensity conflict.

We remain committed to academic excellence and innovation in the study one of humanity's most tragic and perplexing social activities, and to the notion that knowledge and understanding are the foundations of a better world.

Our mission:

  • To be the Canadian centre for the academic study of war as a broad and complex phenomenon;
  • To stimulate scholarly dialogue in our field of expertise among academics, military personnel and civilian practitioners, and become a major contributor to informed public debate.

 Our strengths:

  • Internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs in military history;
  • Internationally recognized faculty specializing in peacekeeping, modern stability building, terrorism, intelligence and military and naval history;
  • Commitment to a broad-based interdisciplinary program;
  • The Journal for Conflict Studies - our internationally-recognized scholarly journal specializing in contemporary conflict;
  • Innovative teaching, including study tours, field trips and contact with modern armed forces;
  • The Canadian Army Project, the only civilian academic research project focused on the modern Canadian Army;
  • The New Brunswick Military Heritage Project, a model for heritage preservation, outreach and publications on local history.

Our Values:

  • We accept and support the basic values of a liberal democratic society, including the rule of law, the dominance of civil over military authority, the importance of a functioning civil society and the right to dissent;
  • We provide timely, effective, and scholarly expertise on a complex and difficult subject to our primary stakeholders;
  • Our business model, like that of all departments at the University of New Brunswick, is that of a non profit organization;
  • Our team approach ensures that students, research graduates, lecturers, professors, visiting professors, administrative staff, volunteers and fundraisers are all working toward our shared vision, mission, values and goals;
  • We manage our human, material and financial resources with care and prudence;
  • Our staff, university administration and advisory board are competent, energetic and focused on a clear direction for the Gregg Centre;
  • Our decisions are made with a sense of integrity, credibility and accountability for the mission of the University, the mission of the Gregg Centre and our vision to help build world peace;
  • Our communications are based on mutual respect with clear and reliable information to our stakeholders;
  • Our research, teaching, strategic alliances and revenue generated from external projects and outreach programs all reflect our desire to achieve a better understanding of war and use of that understanding to prevent or minimize the negative outcomes of armed conflict;
  • Our activities will lead to identifying operations-focused resolution strategies to support Canadian, NATO and UN military missions, policing operations and peace keeping initiatives.