The New Brunswick Military Heritage Project

Uncle Cy's War is the 14th book in the NBMHP seriesThe New Brunswick Military Heritage Project (NBMHP) was initiated in 2000 with a mandate to educate the general public about the military heritage of New Brunswick through the publication of historical volumes and the creation and maintenance of a database of New Brunswick sites of interest. The project grew out of a desire to situate New Brunswick's rich military history within the national narrative.

The New Brunswick Military Heritage Project has two component parts: the publication of single volume histories on all aspects of New Brunswick's military heritage, and the maintenance of a database of local sites of interests.

In partnership with Goose Lane Editions, the Gregg Centre has published two volumes annually since the first issue of the NBMHP book series came out in 2003. For a full list of publications to date and to purchase your copy, visit the site. For more information on the NBMHP book series, please contact Brent Wilson.

The NBMHP project also includes a searchable database of all currently known military sites, monuments and events in New Brunswick. It is the wish of the Gregg Centre and the directors of the NBMHP that this site remains as complete and up-to-date as possible. To contribute to the database and to find out more, please contact Brent Wilson.

The directors of the NBMHP and the Gregg Centre are committed to reaching out to the greater New Brunswick community. The Gregg Centre personnel routinely speak to local schools and service groups, and provide both background information as well as interviews to the media. For more information, please contact The Gregg Centre.

 Please visit the NBMHP website.