Canadian Army Studies Project

Canadian Forces members in AfghanistanThe Gregg Centre is a national, non-partisan academic centre of expertise and analysis on issues surrounding Canada's Land Forces past and present.  40 years of partnership with the nearby Combat Training Centre at CFB Gagetown and The Royal Canadian Regiment makes The Gregg Centre at UNB an ideal location for this research focus. Related activities are grouped under our Canadian Army Studies Program of research.

Core Projects

Research on Canada's Army Today

In 2006, our team launched a new project studying Canadian Land Force operations today. That work initially focused on the mission in Afghanistan in 2006-07 and led to the 2008 publication of Kandahar Tour: The Turning Point in Canada's Afghan Mission

Research on the Afghan mission continues through a series of projects studying the long term implications of Canadian involvement.  Projects include the evolution of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch led by David Charters, the legacy of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team and Canada's training of Afghan National Security Forces led by Lee Windsor, and on the condition of the army and its soldiers after a decade of intense operations led by Brent Wilson.

'The Human Dimension' of the Canadian Soldier's Experience

The Gregg Centre is planning a major study of the impact of stability and counter-insurgency operations on Canadian soldiers deployed to Afghanistan between 2002 and 2011. This project, entitled "The Human Dimension of Modern Asymmetric Warfare: the Canadian Soldier's Experience," consists of two elements. The first will track the history of changes in the management of Canadian Forces' human resources and the handling of casualties over the last two decades. The second part will assess the efficacy of these changes to determine if they have been successful in mitigating the impact of both physical and psychological casualties and easing the long-term suffering of both wounded soldiers and their families.

The Gregg Centre-Combat Training Centre Annual Fall Conference

This CASP flagship event combines today's Canadian Forces leaders and key instructors together with scholars and military professionals from around the world to discuss the latest findings and best practices relating to challenges faced on missions overseas.

Canadian-American Battlefield Study Tour to Sicily

The Gregg Centre, in partnership with the Combat Training Centre, the US Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, and the First US Division Foundation each year deliver a professional development study tour to Sicily for graduate students and army officers from Canada and the United States. The emphasis for this exercise is multi-national, joint force planning and decision-making through the case study of the 1943 Sicily Campaign.

Canadian Forces Professional Development

The Gregg Centre faculty routinely provide expertise to today's Canadian Forces, serving as adjunct lecturers on courses, professional development seminars and exercises.

Atlantic Military Affairs Symposium

In 2010, the Gregg Centre opened a series of public conferences in Atlantic Canada in partnership with local Canadian Forces Reserve units aimed at fostering public discussion on the nation's military institutions past and present.