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Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity

Corporate membership

Corporate membership to the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity is available to industry, public institutions and government departments. The member receives essential services from CIC, aiming to increase their capability and potential of dealing with cybersecurity and/or developing cybersecurity solutions.

  • Exclusive advising and consulting services
  • Company-specific, hands-on technical support
  • Targeted research and development

Research and development partners

Our R&D partners work with CIC to carry out continuous R&D in the field of cybersecurity. This membership targets companies with in-house security solutions to deal with ongoing and high-volume cybersecurity issues, or companies that are involved in the development of various cybersecurity solutions.

Fee: $150,000 annually


  • 2-3 cybersecurity researchers at the level of master and/or PhD (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows), to provide cross-disciplinary consulting and targeted research, design and development of cybersecurity technologies
  • Access security standards and technological resources
  • Participate in and/or request specific workshops and training
  • Take part in CIC research

Strategic member

Available to companies with an ongoing cyber presence, continuously dealing with cybersecurity challenges and facing potential cybersecurity threats.

Fee: $50,000 annually


  • 15 hours/month (average) of hands-on, company-specific technical support
  • Assistance in maintaining a robust cyberspace presence
  • Detect and prevent potential attacks and information loss
  • Access to cybersecurity expert

Supporting member

Resources and consulting services for solving important cybersecurity issues.

Fee: $6,000 annually

  • Four hours/month (average) exclusive, company-specific, strategic advisory and consulting services for solving potential cybersecurity questions and issues.

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